Purpose and Mission

We desire to create an environment and atmosphere for young people to know God, to grow in Christ, and to experience life in God.


  • Build a ministry by building people, teaching staff, and students
  • Build people through relationships
  • Build real relationships through time and truth
  • Build students with the highest level of curriculum and educational excellence
  • Build buildings as we accomplish the previous objectives


Vision - REVIVAL

  • To be a  Refuge for homes and families
  • Equipping young people by establishing them in Christ to enter the work of the ministry
  • Creating Vitality through worship and praise in Bible class and Chapels
  • Impacting people through loving, Christ-like relationships teaching them to be successful by being significant
  • Being a  Vocational and career institution that helps young people develop their gifts, talents, and skills for their future
  • Implementing Acceptance as the key to help young people overcome sin, weakness, and failures
  • Looking for that blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ