God is looking for a place that has an environment and an atmosphere where the love of God is evident.
At Southland children are trained through the efforts of both the parents and school teachers.
At Southland they are directed to put God first in their lives.
At Southland they can find direction for the vocation that God has equipped them for.
Southland Christian School believes that in order to be effective in communicating the values which they believe are important and in order to maintain high academic standards there must be three essentials:

  • Strong leadership that knows, understands, and communicates the values and purpose of the school
  • Teachers that are prepared and passionate for their subjects
  • Strong communication between the home and the school

The teachers and administrators of the school will use a variety of disciplinary methods to maintain a positive and safe school environment. Each case of misconduct will be considered on an individual basis. If a student causes a problem, he/she will be responsible to work with school authorities to arrive at a solution. Moreover, he/she will be expected to face the disciplinary consequences of his/her actions.
When misconduct occurs, corrective measures will be employed to help the student change his/her attitude and behavior.

Examples of corrective measures that will be typically employed are as follows:

  • student-teacher conference
  • student-administrator conference scheduled by the teacher with a “Discipline Referral Form.”
  • parent-teacher and administrator conference> community service
  • detention hall / written assignment
  • in-school suspension/assignments in each subject
  • out-of-school suspension/assignments in each subject
  • expulsion or withdrawal

In the junior and senior high school levels, we have adopted a Low Tolerance Policy for the following:


  • 1st year student 3 day suspension / 2nd offense expulsion
  • 2nd year student expulsion

Foul Language

  • 1st year student 3 day suspension / 2nd offence expulsion
  • 2nd year student 3 day suspension / 2nd offence expulsion


  • 1st year student out of classroom / principal conference
  • 2nd year student 3 day suspension
  • 3rd year student expulsion
Assignments will include parental notification and mandatory attendance the next day. An assignment will be given to be completed. More than three detentions in a marking period will result in a three day suspension.